Student Reflections 2018

Thanks to Laura Mayer, from 721M, for these student reflections, and congratulations again on your second place win.

From Alexis:

OMG! I was so scared, I was shaking when I got up there. I felt like there was something on my face but there wasn’t. I was getting stage fright.

Cara asked me if I was coming back next year, but to be honest I was having second thoughts. When I’m on camera I get scared even when I have my team to back me up, I’m still scared. But on May 31st I hit it right out of the park.

My friend Zion got cut off and had a 30 second warning and he was so upset when he got back to the table, I decided to talk to him and calm him down. I told him “don’t rush just breathe, take your time,” and the next time he went back to read he did much better. He didn’t run off or get scared. That’s a big accomplishment.

At the table we were talking and everyone doubted each other. But when we went to the rebuttal questioning a judge asked us about ancient Greece philosophy and we all looked at each other like “what????” We all looked at each other looking for an answer and Isaiah got up. We didn’t know what he was going to say but he was kind of mad. He said something no one had thought of – that he asked a question with a question. He said “why are we talking about ancient Greece philosophy when we are talking about the second amendment?” When he sat back down we all talked about it and I asked him why he said that and he said because we are not talking about that.

At the end, Christopher called everyone into a huddle and said if win or loose just clap for the other team, be the bigger person. So we did and lost, but we also won in a sort of way: We did! We all got up on stage even when we all said we are scared of stage fright or didn’t want to do it. And guess what, we did it! Congrats to us for not being so scared.

From Billy:

Hi, My name is Billy and first of all I’m happy that I got to join the debate team last year and for this year, my last year at this school. My favorite part was “single-use plastic should be banned”. I was happy that we did a play and I was the dad in the play – it was fun. When I went to the final I was scared because I never went that far in debate. I was kind of mad that I did not get to read my thing that I wrote for the con side because there was no more time to read. I am going to miss Ms. Laura and Ms. Hunt because when I first came here I was in their class.

From Clarence:

I liked the whole debate season – it was awesome because I was inspired emotionally and physically but I was sad because at the last minute I could not be on the debate championships stage. But I’m grateful to be on this team and squad. Thank you so much to host this great, awesome debate season. It was nice to be undefeated and I learned so much about this debate. It helped me get better on my reading and my writing. I feel happy to be a member of the debate team and to win 2nd place for the championships.

From Isaiah:

This was my second year going into debate. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes this year because last year all we did was lose and lose. I was saying to myself I wasn’t gonna do it next year. Until the next year came and we started winning and when that was happening, I didn’t’ want to cheer because I was scared of what was gonna happen because I don’t take losing kindly at all.

We got to the Championships and all the nervousness and shyness were gone and I felt like I was home, I was also brave to ask the judge a question. She asked that question out of nowhere and sounded like she was very confident when she asked that. When I heard that it sounded kind of weird and we didn’t know how to answer it. We didn’t hear what the question was.

But I’m glad we made it, it was really great and a very good learning experience for me. I worked my shyness into something great.

Thank you!

From Justin:

If I was in the debate championships I would have been scared. But I would have done awesome if I didn’t have a doctor appointment. I would read my statement. I wish my doctor would have switched my appointment to a different day, but I did enjoy the debate topics. I can’t wait for the next debate season.

From Nelson:

The debate was awesome because it inspired me to really perform. It was awesome to compete in the District 75 Championships. I liked my opponents, they were amazing and I had fun that day.

I felt nervous and I learned from my mistakes. I will get better and there is one strategy I am going to try and that is to slow down when I am speaking/presenting. My strategy is going to be when I feel I’m going to say something wrong, I will back off.

From Ruby:

The debate was great and I enjoyed it. The second amendment should be repealed! Everyone was kinda good but everyone was nervous and afraid to look up. I enjoyed the skits and everything they were talking about. I am happy that we won second place, I am happy that I got a medal and certificate. I feel bad that Clarence wasn’t in the debate. L I got a certificate that said “Research and Art Goddess.” I am happy for my classmates and the debate team. The Championship finals. Go Cityhawks!

The debate topics are amazing this year. The debate topics: football players shouldn’t be kneeling, driverless cars should be banned, single-use plastics should be banned and the second amendment should be repealed. The topics are great – that is happening in our world today and a good thing to argue about. At home I tell my mom that we should not use plastic at all because it hurts our wildlife and out earth and I don’t use any single-use plastic! I only use them to recycle! I am very happy for the debate team and Ms. Mayer. I am glad that we won this year.

Thank you Ms. Mayer for this wonderful debate this year. I am very happy for you.

From Zion:

Well Miss Mayer,

I thought the championship was challenging because, well, it was a lot of people watching us debate about the second amendment.

I was a little bit scared because when I was next to read my statement, my heart was beating fast and my hand was shaking.

But it was wonderful of us being in the finals because we work together as a team.

I want to thank all my friends for being in this debate and also I want to thank Laura Mayer and Miss Hunt for helping us to be in the championship.

I will never forget about this time. If I graduate next year I hope the other kids can be like us.

From your best friend.


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  1. Sholom Fried June 13, 2018 at 5:31 am #

    It really was a great year of debate. Congratulations to Coach Mayer and the City Hawks Revolutionaries. Throughout the year, we saw you guys grow in so many areas and we are all very, very proud of you. You all have developed so many different skills, you have overcome your fears, you have built upon your strengths, and you have worked together as a team to support each other. Your effort and dedication to the work was unbelievable. This was a fantastic year for each of you individually and for the City Hawks Revolutionaries team as a whole. You should all be very proud with what you have been able to accomplish.


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