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Tie Score!

The 177Q Panthers debated the 373K Fire Debaters in a round 3 matchup. They debated whether school should start later. The Fire Debaters were pro and the Panthers were con.

And there was a tie score! 92 points for pro and 92 points for con. This has not happened in seven years, and never before for high school teams!

Congratulations to debate coaches Leor Samuels (177Q) and Todd Wilson (373K) on your wins!

Congratulations to the Fire Debaters and the Panthers on your wins!

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177Q Supports Puerto Rico

Bridgit Hamill from 177Q sent us the following news, which we just had to share:
“Tomorrow our class (the P177Q debate team) is having a bake sale to benefit a family in Puerto Rico directly affected by Hurricane Maria.  Because we try to keep current on the news in order to study for debate, we were discussing this topic.  The kids were very sad and passionate about wanting to do something to help. ”

Thank you for the great work you are doing!

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Polite Debate

Talk about cordiality! This chat box excerpt, from the 3rd Place-Honorable Mention debate, sets the tone for courtesy and good sportsmanship.

polite debate

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High School 3rd Place Winner

3rd PlaceCongratulations to the 177Q Probable Defenders. They are the 3rd Place Winners in the 2015 Debate Championships.

Congratulations to the 94M All Stars, who receive Honorable Mention for their 4th Place finish.

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And the Award for Most Fans Goes to…

177QsupportersMany teachers, administrators, and friends like to log into the debate room to support their team, but nothing comes close to 177Q. During the February 6, 2015 debate with 176X, no fewer than 12 visitors logged-in to view the debate.



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