Debate Pro-Con Scoring Guide (.pdf)

Debate Scoring Judges Notes (.pdf)

Debate Planning Form (.doc)

Sample Student Debate Contract (.doc) (Created by Antonio Vastano, 25R)



DebateWise (pros and cons of popular debate topics) (free)

Smithsonian TweenTribune (multi-leveled current events articles) (free)

NewsELA (multi-leveled current events articles) (use DOE Google log in)

Brainpop’s “Argument Wars” Game (free, uses iCivics game)

iCivics (free)

Flocabulary (use DOE Google or Microsoft log in)

The Learning Network of The New York Times (free)

NY Times Upfront  (with Scholastic) (subscription-based)

Junior Scholastic (subscription-based)

Street Law (free)

Annenberg Classroom (resources for teaching the Constitution) (free)

International Debate Education Association

National Speech and Debate Association

NYC Urban Debate League