Debate Season is Here!

The Round One season opener is tomorrow with two middle school teams getting things underway- 396K and 25R. Visit the Debate Now! tab for the link to join the live debates and get in on the action!

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Team Names

The teams are forming and many have decided their team names for the year. Here is a sneak peak. Do you have a favorite?

The 9Q Mic Droppers

The 721K Knights of Reason

352X BxDebatesAllDay

The 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries

The 752Q Great Debaters

The 226M Champs

The 37R Wolf Pack (HS)

The 37R Opinionators (MS)


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Trophy Pics!

High School edition…

Members of the 177Q Panthers High School Champions proudly show off their trophy.

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Trophy Pics!

The 723X Golden Hawks had a ticker tape parade in the hallway to celebrate their middle school championship win. Check out their video reflections about their first season debate experiences here. It is hard to resist a photo shoot with your trophy!

Students pose with their first place trophy

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Angel Flying

Where do D75 debate students go after they are done with debate? 751M student Angel just finished an internship at Uniqlo clothing store in SoHo, where he learned all about the exciting world of retail sales and fashion.

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Smiles Smiles Smiles

Win or lose, the student debaters show their good spirits.


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Student Reflections

The 721K Knights of Reason debaters shared their thoughts on debating this year.

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Shed Go Bye-Bye

A New York City driver crashed into this outdoor dining shed. Thankfully, no one was eating there at the time.

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Tie Score!

The 177Q Panthers debated the 373K Fire Debaters in a round 3 matchup. They debated whether school should start later. The Fire Debaters were pro and the Panthers were con.

And there was a tie score! 92 points for pro and 92 points for con. This has not happened in seven years, and never before for high school teams!

Congratulations to debate coaches Leor Samuels (177Q) and Todd Wilson (373K) on your wins!

Congratulations to the Fire Debaters and the Panthers on your wins!

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