Still Debatable

The recent issue of Scholastic Upfront Magazine had an article on whether college athletes should get paid, which was one of last year’s topics.

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The new debate topic is:

The US should immediately stop construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Round Three begins March 27. Dates and match-ups to follow.

Ready… Set… Debate!

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This cartoon appeared in Monday’s Wall Street Journal newspaper. Who do you think the “they” refers to?


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Fake News in the News

Here is a story from today’s New York Times about a man who wrote fake news stories during the presidential election. Do you think he will continue to write fake news in the future? Why or why not?



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Hoax Photos

Can you tell which photographs are real and which are fake? Some pictures are realistic-looking, but are still false. Maybe a graphic artist used the program Adobe Photoshop to make changes to a photograph on the computer? Download this file, from Authentication Beyond the Classroom, for examples.

Jackalope picture from

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Round 2 Topic Announced

The new topic is: Social media websites should be allowed to publish fake news.

Round two begins the week of January 24th. Schedule will be announced soon!

Ready… set… debate!

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Debates Begin This Week

Are you ready?? We are eager to hear the arguments that the teams will introduce this week as we kick off the new debate season. Tune in to check out the competition!

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