Debate From Home?

Greetings, Debaters. As you all know, schools are closed and we’ve had to postpone our debate round. While schools and families get set-up for remote learning, we are brainstorming ideas for the best ways to use our virtual debate room to keep things going for a while. Remember that our online classroom is available from any internet connected device, including mobile. First idea… How about a speech competition that students can join from home?  Updates will be coming soon. In the meantime, please stay healthy, stay safe, and wear your debate swag to show love (send photos!).

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Round 3 on the Horizon

Round 3 begins March 16… Check the schedule tab above to support your favorite team- or to check out the competition! This round we are debating whether or not NYC should end our world famous 24 hour subway service. But why would we want to do that…? Tune in beginning on March 16 to see what the teams have to say.

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Debater Comes to District Office

Debater Vladmir, from the Q752 Debate Team, made an appearance at the district office, as part of his duties as Student Council president.

He was all smiles at the podium.

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Voting for Disabled Citizens

With all the hubbub over the next debate topic (whether election day should be a national holiday) and this November’s presidential election, did you ever wonder how New Yorkers with limited dexterity or other disabilities can exercise their right to vote?

This website shows how the Image Cast ballot-marking device (BMD) helps disabled citizens to vote.

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Bye-Bye No-Cash Restaurants, We Hardly Knew Ya

A debate topic several years ago discussed whether a cash-free society would be the right way to go in the future. And for a while it looked as if New York City was going cash-free. Many restaurants started implementing a no-cash policy, and only accepted credit cards or other “digital currency” instead of cash.

That may be about to come to an end. The government got involved, and the New York City Council may pass a law that prohibits credit-card-only stores.

The New York Times has more information on this story.

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Moving into Round Two

Round two begins next week! There is certainly a lot to debate about in the next election cycle, and we begin with the matter of whether or not Election Day should be a national holiday. Tune in beginning on Jan 31 to hear the arguments!

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721K Debate Team Comes to Student Advocacy Project

Daniel, of the 721K Knights of Reason debate team, came to the Student Advocacy Project on Thursday, December 12, at the District Office. It was nice to meet him in person.

Also, a big thanks to Daniel for his suggestion on improving the Debate website security!

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IBM Debates Itself!

IBM has created a computer that can debate itself! In an event at Cambridge University in England, the computer debated the topic of whether artificial intelligence would do more harm than good. Sounds like an interesting topic!

US News and World Report article

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Is Debate a Performing Art?

Some of you have been asking… what exactly counts as “performing arts?” Merriam-Webster defines the term as “types of art (such as music, dance, or drama) that are performed for an audience.” So… is debate a performing art? Depends who you ask, we guess…

thinking emoji

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Election Day Debating

Today is Election Day and there is a lot of debate going on about the 5 ballot questions that voters will decide. Even though there are only 5 questions, there are a total of 19 issues rolled into them, so even if you agree with some parts of the question, you may disagree with others, and will still have to choose either “Yes” or “No.” Is it fair? Is there a better way? Find a sample ballot online and let us know what you think!

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Debate Topic Announced!

Drumroll please…..
The 2019-2020 Round One Topic is:
All students in middle and high school should be required to take a performing arts class.
Ready, Set….. Debate!
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Fair Pay to Play?

Debate topics always seem to come back around. Not too long ago, our debaters took sides on the issue of whether or not college athletes should be paid, and today California passed a bill allowing them to do just that. The issue is far from settled, with the NCAA urging the governor not to sign the legislation into law. We will be watching to see how it unfolds in California and the rest of the nation. Here is an article and video clip from nbc news discussing the story.


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Welcome Back, Debaters! 

The new school year is here and you already know… that means that the new Debate season is upon us. The workshop for teachers is on October 3, so make sure that your teachers sign up. Then, get your team together, recruit any new debate superstars in your school, and start brainstorming the topics that you would like to debate this year. Send in your ideas and let’s get this season underway!

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Photos of Champions

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Season 14 is in the books!

Congratulations to the 2019 District 75 Debate Champions! Team photos from the live events are coming soon.

High School:

First Place: 368K Brooklyn’s Finest Debate Team

Second Place: 177Q All Stars

Third Place: 226M Pride

Honorable Mention: 751M MSCD Eagles

Middle School:

First Place: 751M MSCD Eagle Scouts

Second Place: 25R Panthers

Third Place: 75Q Deep Debaters

Honorable Mention: 352X BX Debates All Day

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