And the Championship teams are…

Competing in the middle school competition on May 31:

The 25R Panthers vs 352X BX Debates All Day

In the high school competition on June 1:

The 23Q Rhetoricals vs 368K Brooklyn’s Finest Debate Team

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The results are coming in…

Congratulations to the 721K Knights of Reason for earning the 3rd Place title in this year’s competition. Trophy ceremony and photos will take place on June 1.

Congratulations also to the 177Q Probable All-Stars and the 373K Phantom Thieves for earning Honorable Mention in the High School Competition.

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May Madness – High School Edition

The playoffs are underway and the teams are already getting into championship formation. First, please join us in congratulating the High School Honorable Mention teams:

The 177Q All Star Debaters and

The 373K Phantom Thieves

Keeping the competition alive down to the last topic, the following teams are still in the race:

368K Brooklyn’s Finest Debate Team,

The 721K Knights of Reason

and the yet undefeated 23Q Rhetoricals.

What a season! Middle school playoffs are next week- check the calendar to tune in and don’t forget to join us for the Championships on May 31 and June 1. If you can’t make it to the event, we will be live streaming through the Debate Now tab above.



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Taking Suggestions

The topic for this year’s championship debate is still up in the air! Through the end of this week, we will be taking your suggestions for the final topic… Send us an email or post your topic in the comments below!

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Final Four

Hi, everyone! Round 3 is well underway and the final four is right around the corner. Final four match-ups begin the week of May 1 for high school and May 8 for middle school. The competition does not get much fiercer than this! Check the schedule tab to tune in for a debate, and remember to mark your calendars for the 2017 Championships on May 31 and June 1. Hope to see you there!

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Still Debatable

The recent issue of Scholastic Upfront Magazine had an article on whether college athletes should get paid, which was one of last year’s topics.

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The new debate topic is:

The US should immediately stop construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Round Three begins March 27. Dates and match-ups to follow.

Ready… Set… Debate!

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This cartoon appeared in Monday’s Wall Street Journal newspaper. Who do you think the “they” refers to?


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