What About Self-driving Trucks?

As we delve deeper into the topic of automated (aka self-driving) cars, we keep running into questions about self-driving trucks. Would the same rules apply? Do we need different laws for trucks than for cars? Which should come first? What about all the trucking jobs? We are curious to hear what the teams found out in their research. Round 2 begins next week. Are you ready?!

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Getting Ready for Round 2

D75 Debate got the chance to visit the 226M Debate Team on Tuesday as they were preparing arguments for their upcoming debate on driverless cars. They had so many interesting ideas about the topic, and even a few jokes. We had a great time!

Tune in on Feb 15 to check out their match against the Great Debaters from 140K.

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721Q Students Speak at Queens Public Hearing, Make News in The NY Times and The Globe

Last week, five students from the 721Q Eagles made the news for speaking at Queens Borough Hall during a public hearing commissioned by the mayor on the removal of “symbols of hate” from city property.

One of the students, Trashawn Pace, was quoted as saying, “I believe the statues of people who hurt others to become famous should be removed,” Mr. Pace said. “No one should ever have to suffer to make another person so famous that they get to be remembered forever.”

To read more about the debate and this new Queens team to be reckoned with, check out the articles below:

Amid Raging Debate Over Statues, a Calm Discussion in New York

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Oil Spills: Not If, but When?

Last year for Round Three and the playoffs, students debated the issues regarding halting or continuing construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline. This week, another major pipeline, The Keystone XL, received final approval despite the “bad timing” of a massive oil leak just a few days prior on the Keystone Pipeline. Here is an article from Vice News entitled: Why a massive oil spill couldn’t stop the Keystone XL pipeline. Thoughts?


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Round One Topic in the News

Round One begins in just two weeks! How are the preparations going? As usual, our topic has been popping up in the news, including in the latest edition of Junior Scholastic. If you have a subscription, you can access the digital edition online.

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