The News Literacy Project

The News Literacy Project is an organization that helps students learn to tell media fact from fiction.

Among other resources, they have a crop of videos that may be very useful for your student debaters. I watched the one entitled Double Check Your Facts and got most of the quiz questions wrong! Hah!

Watch the video and see how well you do.



For more information on The News Literacy Project and what they offer:

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Ready… Set… Debate!

Round One preparations have begun. The new topic and team match-ups are now posted in the schedule tab above.

Let the games begin!

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Art Debate

Did anyone else see the Banksy painting self-destruct in a built-in shredder just moments after it was sold for over a million dollars? Should the buyer of the painting still pay for it? Is the painting actually worth more now? There’s a lot to debate! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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Final Words…

One teacher we spoke with had this to say about the debate program in their school:

Having never been a part of a team like this before, the children were able to experience things outside of their immediate world. I believe it was a great opportunity for them

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Rewards of Debate

We also asked debate teachers what were some of the rewards of being in the debate program. Here are some reponses:

  • Making it to the finals and my students being able to lose without having any behaviors!
  • Being a group and participating virtually;
  • Feeding them (lol);
  • Collaboration;
  • Working as a team;
  • Public speaking;
  • Learning about a specific topic;
  • Winning, pizza parties and learning about current/relevant social topics and events;
  • Debating;
  • Speaking and interacting with the other team.

Did you find that same rewards with your students?

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Challenges of Debate

We asked debate teachers what were some of the challenges their teams faced during the year. Here are some responses:

  • Making the information relevent for students in an alternate assess programing;
  • Winning the comprehension portion vs students who are stardard assess cognitively several grades above;
  • Not wining to go on to round three;
  • Arguing points that they didn’t believe in;
  • Open ended debating with no notes;
  • Relating to most of the debate topics;
  • Answering other teams questions;
  • Answering rebuttal questions;
  • Reading aloud during the debates;
  • Reading as well as the ability to speak in an emotionally charged fashion;
  • Arguing for a side they didn’t personally agree with was challenging for many students;
  • The researching and organizing.

What do you think? Did you also experience these challenges with your team?

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373K Debaters

In-class photos of debaters from 373K.

More photographs from the 2018 live championships.

(Contact us if you do not have the page’s password.)

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Student Reflections 2018

Thanks to Laura Mayer, from 721M, for these student reflections, and congratulations again on your second place win.

From Alexis:

OMG! I was so scared, I was shaking when I got up there. I felt like there was something on my face but there wasn’t. I was getting stage fright.

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The Champs are Here

Congratulations to this year’s Debate Champions! They are…

2018 High School Finals

The 751 MSCD Eagles
The 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries
The 373K Fire Debaters
368K Brooklyn’s Finest Debate Team

1st Place: The 751 MSCD Eagles
2nd Place: The 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries
3rd Place: The 373K Fire Debaters
Honorable Mention: 368K Brooklyn’s Finest Debate Team

2018 Middle School Finals

352X Bx Debates All Day
The 226M Debate Crew
The 169M Rising Scholars
The 25R Panthers

1st Place: 352X Bx Debates All Day
2nd Place: The 226M Debate Crew
3rd Place: The 169M Rising Scholars
Honorable Mention: The 25R Panthers


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Middle School Match-ups

Competing in the Middle School Championships this year on May 30 will be: The 226 Debate Crew vs 352X BxDebatesAllDay. Congratulations to both teams for advancing to the finals!

Competing in the 3rd Pl/ Honorable Mention debate on June 4 will be the 25R Panthers vs the 169M Rising Stars. We can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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Battle of the Boroughs

The High School Finals are set! Debating in the Championship match this year will be The 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries (undefeated) against The 751 MSCD Eagles. This will be a battle of Manhattan for the title!

Debating for the 3rd Place and Honorable Mention awards this year will be The 373K Fire Debaters versus 368K Brooklyn’s Finest Debate Team, a battle of Brooklyn. Congratulations to all four teams (and the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan) for an incredible regular season and playoffs, and good luck in your final debate!

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High School Playofs

We almost forgot to publicly congratulate all of the High School teams that made it to this year’s playoffs! They are:

The 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries
368K Brooklyn’s Finest Debate Team
The 373K Fire Debaters
The 993Q Rat Pack
The 751M MSCD Eagles

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Championship Topic Announced

The topic for this year’s Championship Debates is: The Second Amendment Should be Repealed.

The top two teams in each bracket (winners of the playoff matches) will debate this topic on May 30 and 31 at 751M. The teams that do not do not go on to the finals will debate online on June 4 and 5 for 3rd Place and Honorable Mention titles.

Let the research begin!

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Middle School Playoffs

Congratulations to this year’s Middle School Final Four teams! They are:

The 25R Panthers
The 169M Rising Scholars
The 226M Debate Crew
352X Bx Debates All Day

Stay tuned for the High School announcement and team match-ups, coming soon.

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Who Calls the Coin Toss?

Round 3 is well underway this week with teams presenting convincing arguments on both sides of the single use plastics debate. One question that has come up is how the moderator determines which team was “logged in first” to call the coin toss. For the record, when the moderator signs on at 9am, they will prompt you to start the tech check. The first team to activate their video feed for the tech check gets to call the coin toss (heads or tails). The winner of the toss then gets to decide which side they choose for the debate- Pro or Con.

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