Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the News

The “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is one place where a lot of discarded plastic ends up. A study published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports discovered that the “patch” is actually much larger than scientists had thought. So what does this have to do with single use plastic and our latest debate topic? This article from The New York Times adds some information for both sides of the debate.

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Woman Killed by Driverless Car

Tragedy struck when a woman was killed by a driverless car. The car was an Uber taxicab, and there was a person in the car (though not driving at the time).

Uber plans to suspend its driverless car project for the time being.

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Virtual Currency, Revisited

Back in 2014, our debate topic was “In the future, all currency should be virtual.” Well, Israel took a step in that direction, when it passed a law to limit cash transactions between people and stores. They did it to stop different kinds of economic crimes, as well as to make sure the goverment collects all of the taxes to which they are entitled.

Reuters Article

At the same time, bankers around the world met to discuss whether the countries’ central banks (the main governemnt banks) should issue virtual currency at all. They were afraid it could ruin economies and contribute to financing terrorism.

Washington Post Article

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Round 3 Topic Announced

The Round 3 topic and match-ups have been announced. The topic is: Single use plastic should be banned.

Debaters, start your engines…

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Moving on…

Welcome back from the break! We didn’t post much during Round 2, but there were some awesome debates that took place, including a few double headers. The topic and schedule for Round 3 will be announced this week, so if you have any last minute suggestions for what you would like to debate, please speak up!

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What About Self-driving Trucks?

As we delve deeper into the topic of automated (aka self-driving) cars, we keep running into questions about self-driving trucks. Would the same rules apply? Do we need different laws for trucks than for cars? Which should come first? What about all the trucking jobs? We are curious to hear what the teams found out in their research. Round 2 begins next week. Are you ready?!

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Getting Ready for Round 2

D75 Debate got the chance to visit the 226M Debate Team on Tuesday as they were preparing arguments for their upcoming debate on driverless cars. They had so many interesting ideas about the topic, and even a few jokes. We had a great time!

Tune in on Feb 15 to check out their match against the Great Debaters from 140K.

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