What is a State?

Our last debate topic invited teams to delve into the details of what makes a state a state. Is it the size of the population? The area of land? Must a state include both urban and rural sections? What about cities that are larger than some states? What does it mean to be a “territory?”

Well, after getting our toes wet with the D.C. statehood topic, we’ve moved on to the final topic of the year, which asks teams to delve even deeper into the issue by considering the case of statehood for Puerto Rico. Are any of the arguments the same? Are there other or better alternatives than statehood (ahem, con side)? What do the people of Puerto want? What does the constitution say? With just about 3 weeks left to prepare, the teams are knee deep in their research. We wish them luck and look forward to hearing the arguments and evidence in this Championship round!

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