Breaking News for Debate and NYC

It was just announced that the MTA Will End Overnight Subway Service For Duration Of the Pandemic. 

When the Round 3 Topic was announced, we could not have imagined a situation whereby NYC would actually shut down 24 hour subway service in the near future. It was more of an intellectual exercise to explore the potential benefits and costs of taking a drastic step in order to improve service, cleanliness, and the infrastructure of a very old subway system. This is why debaters stay ahead of the curve. Our students have already weighed the pros and the cons, and know what considerations, steps and procedures need to be taken to put the closure into effect and secure the subway system overnight. They also know that busses and dollar vans will be more important now than ever, as they transport our essential workers from 1-5 am.

How does this news change your perspective? How would you refine your arguments in light of this new reality? What other information or sources are needed to enforce your positions? Head on over to the flipgrid and let us know where you stand.


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