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Team Names

This year’s teams sure have colorful names!

94M Wild Cats
177Q Panthers
373K Fire Debaters
721K Knights of Reason
721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries
721R Hungerford Bees
752Q Sophists
811X Dragons
993Q Frank Sinatra’s Terrific Tigers
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New Year, New Faces

Debates are starting for the 2023-2024 school year.
This year the debates have transitioned from the Office of Applied Learning to the the Office of Literacy and Social Studies, and will be open to all District 75 students in high school programs.

We invite you to participate in the District 75 debates for the 2023-2024 school year.¬†If you are interested in participating in this year’s debates, please complete¬†this form.

First workshop is Nov 1, so sign up now!

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And the Winner Is…

The winners of the 2022-2023 District 75 Debate season are as follows:

High School

1st Place: 177Q Panthers

2nd Place: 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries

3rd Place: 721K Knights of Reason

Honorable Mention: 373K Fire Debaters 

Middle School

1st Place: 352X BX Debates All Day

2nd Place: 169M All Stars

3rd Place: 25R Panthers

Honorable Mention: 396K Debating Eagles

Congratulations to our winners!

Runner Up Competitions on June 12 and June 16!

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Final Fours Announced

This Just In!

TheFinalFourteams are:

Middle School:
352X Bx Debates All Day
169M All Stars
25R Panthers
396K Debating Eagles
High School:
177Q Panthers
721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries
721K Knights of Reason
373K Fire Debaters
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Tie Score!

The 177Q Panthers debated the 373K Fire Debaters in a round 3 matchup. They debated whether school should start later. The Fire Debaters were pro and the Panthers were con.

And there was a tie score! 92 points for pro and 92 points for con. This has not happened in seven years, and never before for high school teams!

Congratulations to debate coaches Leor Samuels (177Q) and Todd Wilson (373K) on your wins!

Congratulations to the Fire Debaters and the Panthers on your wins!

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Team Names

Here are the official team names for the 2021-2022 debate season

723X Golden Hawks

17X V01 Squad

17X V05 Warriors

396K Debating Eagles

368K Brooklyn’s Finest Debaters

721K Knights of Reason

373K Fire Starters

94M Amazing Team

177Q Panthers

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Debate Topic Announced!

Drumroll please…..
The 2019-2020 Round One Topic is:
All students in middle and high school should be required to take a performing arts class.
Ready, Set….. Debate!
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The Champs are Here

Congratulations to this year’s Debate Champions! They are…

2018 High School Finals

The 751 MSCD Eagles
The 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries
The 373K Fire Debaters
368K Brooklyn’s Finest Debate Team

1st Place: The 751 MSCD Eagles
2nd Place: The 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries
3rd Place: The 373K Fire Debaters
Honorable Mention: 368K Brooklyn’s Finest Debate Team

2018 Middle School Finals

352X Bx Debates All Day
The 226M Debate Crew
The 169M Rising Scholars
The 25R Panthers

1st Place: 352X Bx Debates All Day
2nd Place: The 226M Debate Crew
3rd Place: The 169M Rising Scholars
Honorable Mention: The 25R Panthers


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