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Shed Go Bye-Bye

A New York City driver crashed into this outdoor dining shed. Thankfully, no one was eating there at the time.

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Oil Pipeline Debate, revisited

Do you remember the Dakota Access oil pipeline debate (“The US should immediately stop construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline,” 2016-2017)? It pitted the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in South Dakota with an oil company who wanted to build an oil pipeline near their land. When we debated this topic several years ago, the pipeline had the “green light” to be built. Now, that light has turned “red.”

Dakota Access Pipeline News Article

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Voting for Disabled Citizens

With all the hubbub over the next debate topic (whether election day should be a national holiday) and this November’s presidential election, did you ever wonder how New Yorkers with limited dexterity or other disabilities can exercise their right to vote?

This website shows how the Image Cast ballot-marking device (BMD) helps disabled citizens to vote.

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Bye-Bye No-Cash Restaurants, We Hardly Knew Ya

A debate topic several years ago discussed whether a cash-free society would be the right way to go in the future. And for a while it looked as if New York City was going cash-free. Many restaurants started implementing a no-cash policy, and only accepted credit cards or other “digital currency” instead of cash.

That may be about to come to an end. The government got involved, and the New York City Council may pass a law that prohibits credit-card-only stores.

The New York Times has more information on this story.

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Should Washington D.C. be a state?

The third topic of our debate season is “Washington D.C. should be a state.” It is a tough call. Already there is a Washington state over on the west coast. If Washington D.C. were to become our 51st state, what would we name it? New Washington? What if I sent a letter to my sister in Seattle, and it wound up in the Potomac River? So many questions…

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The News Literacy Project

The News Literacy Project is an organization that helps students learn to tell media fact from fiction.

Among other resources, they have a crop of videos that may be very useful for your student debaters. I watched the one entitled Double Check Your Facts and got most of the quiz questions wrong! Hah!

Watch the video and see how well you do.



For more information on The News Literacy Project and what they offer:

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