Challenges of Debate

We asked debate teachers what were some of the challenges their teams faced during the year. Here are some responses:

  • Making the information relevent for students in an alternate assess programing;
  • Winning the comprehension portion vs students who are stardard assess cognitively several grades above;
  • Not wining to go on to round three;
  • Arguing points that they didn’t believe in;
  • Open ended debating with no notes;
  • Relating to most of the debate topics;
  • Answering other teams questions;
  • Answering rebuttal questions;
  • Reading aloud during the debates;
  • Reading as well as the ability to speak in an emotionally charged fashion;
  • Arguing for a side they didn’t personally agree with was challenging for many students;
  • The researching and organizing.

What do you think? Did you also experience these challenges with your team?

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