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Debate Season is Here!

The Round One season opener is tomorrow with two middle school teams getting things underway- 396K and 25R. Visit the Debate Now! tab for the link to join the live debates and get in on the action!

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Team Names

The teams are forming and many have decided their team names for the year. Here is a sneak peak. Do you have a favorite?

The 9Q Mic Droppers

The 721K Knights of Reason

352X BxDebatesAllDay

The 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries

The 752Q Great Debaters

The 226M Champs

The 37R Wolf Pack (HS)

The 37R Opinionators (MS)


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Trophy Pics!

High School edition…

Members of the 177Q Panthers High School Champions proudly show off their trophy.

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Trophy Pics!

The 723X Golden Hawks had a ticker tape parade in the hallway to celebrate their middle school championship win. Check out their video reflections about their first season debate experiences here. It is hard to resist a photo shoot with your trophy!

Students pose with their first place trophy

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The Trophies Are In

Here is a photo of the 2020 trophies that were never given out. We didn’t have a championship that year because of the pandemic. In fact, even though our debates continued throughout the pandemic and a year and a half of remote and hybrid learning, the last time that D75 Debate trophies were awarded was in 2019! Well, that is about to change! Behold the new 2022 Middle and High School Debate trophies, to be unveiled this June. Which teams will be come away with the Championship title? Check out the Round Three debates beginning on April 1 to stake your claim!

2020 Trophies

2022 trophies wrapped in plastic

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Season 16 Wraps

What have we been up to all year? Glad you asked! Check out our flipgrid topics from the past year and see for yourself! (Choose login with google and enter your school email and pw). This year, many students were fully remote, others were hybrid, and some eventually went back to school full time. Whether remote, in-person, or somewhere in-between, our debaters remained persuasive in their arguments and committed to researching their topics thoroughly. Congratulations, D75 debaters on another amazing season of debates!

See you in the fall for season 17….

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Debate Season is Officially Underway!

Thank you to everyone that joined the debate today, and a very special shout-out to the students for whom today was their FIRST debate! The Con side won in the topic: Instagram should get rid of likes, demonstrating that if it was up to D75 debaters, the like button would be here to stay. The next debate will be on December 22 at 10am. The new topic is: All schools in New York should be 100% remote during the pandemic.
Ready…. Set… Debate!
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Debate Live Opener Nov 17

Greetings, Debaters! The Debate Live Opener will be on Tues, Nov 17 at 10am. All teams and individual debaters are invited to join. You do not need to have a whole debate prepared- just one statement for either the pro or con side is enough to participate. There will also be a drop-in session in the new debate zoom room on Nov 13 at 10am to test things out. To participate, please have your teacher fill out this form.


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Live Debates are Back!

Live debates are returning this fall, back and better than ever to accommodate students at home, at school, and those doing blended learning. Wherever you are joining from, start getting your team together and get READY TO DEBATE!

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Oil Pipeline Debate, revisited

Do you remember the Dakota Access oil pipeline debate (“The US should immediately stop construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline,” 2016-2017)? It pitted the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in South Dakota with an oil company who wanted to build an oil pipeline near their land. When we debated this topic several years ago, the pipeline had the “green light” to be built. Now, that light has turned “red.”

Dakota Access Pipeline News Article

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D75 Students Join Peaceful Protests

D75 student debaters joined the peaceful protests in Brooklyn and around the city this week to show their support for Black Lives Matter and for equal rights and justice under the law. We are proud to see them raising their voices and joining in the call for action.
Student standing above a crowd of protesters at dusk wearing mask, looking back at the camera

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Protests Across America

There is a new topic on our Flipgrid page for students to share thoughts, feelings and opinions about the protests happening around the country in response to the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police Officer. All debaters are invited to head over to the grid to record a response. Please stay safe, everyone.

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New Topic Announced

Calling all Debaters! The new topic is: What should be done to save the US Postal Service (USPS)? You can check out some resources on the topic and record your response on our new Flipgrid page. You will need to sign in with your school email account. Looking forward to hearing your ideas and arguments!

USPS Truck

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Breaking News for Debate and NYC

It was just announced that the MTA Will End Overnight Subway Service For Duration Of the Pandemic. 

When the Round 3 Topic was announced, we could not have imagined a situation whereby NYC would actually shut down 24 hour subway service in the near future. It was more of an intellectual exercise to explore the potential benefits and costs of taking a drastic step in order to improve service, cleanliness, and the infrastructure of a very old subway system. This is why debaters stay ahead of the curve. Our students have already weighed the pros and the cons, and know what considerations, steps and procedures need to be taken to put the closure into effect and secure the subway system overnight. They also know that busses and dollar vans will be more important now than ever, as they transport our essential workers from 1-5 am.

How does this news change your perspective? How would you refine your arguments in light of this new reality? What other information or sources are needed to enforce your positions? Head on over to the flipgrid and let us know where you stand.


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Round 3 Topic Now on Flipgrid

Greetings, Debaters! The Round 3 Topic: NYC should end 24 hour subway service is now on flipgrid. Students can head over to the grid to record a 90 second video taking either the Pro or the Con side. You can either use your prepared arguments or go off-script for this one. Please email Cara or Charles if you need the link. Let’s go!

subway station closed off with caution tape

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Dakota Oil Pipeline, Back in the News, Again

Do you remember the 2017 debate topic, “The US should immediately stop construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline?” If you recall from the news at that time, construction went ahead on the pipeline, and oil started flowing.

Recently, a judge stopped the oil flow and ruled that another environmental review should begin. The Standing Rock Sioux Native American tribe, whose land the pipeline skirted, was grateful.

Read about it in the National Public Radio website.

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Debate From Home?

Greetings, Debaters. As you all know, schools are closed and we’ve had to postpone our debate round. While schools and families get set-up for remote learning, we are brainstorming ideas for the best ways to use our virtual debate room to keep things going for a while. Remember that our online classroom is available from any internet connected device, including mobile. First idea… How about a speech competition that students can join from home?  Updates will be coming soon. In the meantime, please stay healthy, stay safe, and wear your debate swag to show love (send photos!).

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