In the Huddle

Students from 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries huddle together during the championship debate.

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It’s Not Over Yet!

There are still two matches left in our 2022-23 D75 Debate season, and these teams intend to finish strong!
Tune in for the middle and high school runner up matches next week on Monday on Zoom and Friday on Zoom and Live from 721K!

June 12 – Middle School Runner-up Debate (online)- 25R v 396K

June 16 – The Battle of Brooklyn – High School Runner-up Debate (in-person) – 373K v 721K

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Middle School Champions 352X

Enjoy these photographs of Middle School Debate Champions 352X BX Debates All Day.

Congratulations to coach Rafael Diaz and his student debaters on a job well done!

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High School Championship Gallery

Enjoy these photographs of 1st Place winners 177Q Panthers and 2nd Place Winners 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries.

Congratulations to debate coaches Leor Samuels (177Q) and Laura Mayer (721M) and all the student debaters on a job well done.

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And the Winner Is…

The winners of the 2022-2023 District 75 Debate season are as follows:

High School

1st Place: 177Q Panthers

2nd Place: 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries

3rd Place: 721K Knights of Reason

Honorable Mention: 373K Fire Debaters 

Middle School

1st Place: 352X BX Debates All Day

2nd Place: 169M All Stars

3rd Place: 25R Panthers

Honorable Mention: 396K Debating Eagles

Congratulations to our winners!

Runner Up Competitions on June 12 and June 16!

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Final Fours Announced

This Just In!

TheFinalFourteams are:

Middle School:
352X Bx Debates All Day
169M All Stars
25R Panthers
396K Debating Eagles
High School:
177Q Panthers
721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries
721K Knights of Reason
373K Fire Debaters
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Robot Dogs in the News

In a flashback from round 2, robot dogs were in the new last week when one helped with the response to a garage collapse in lower Manhattan. Check out the story here.


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Team Photos

Here is a pic of the 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries on their Round 2 Debate day. Keep the team photos coming in! We love to share them!

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Debate Season is Here!

The Round One season opener is tomorrow with two middle school teams getting things underway- 396K and 25R. Visit the Debate Now! tab for the link to join the live debates and get in on the action!

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Team Names

The teams are forming and many have decided their team names for the year. Here is a sneak peak. Do you have a favorite?

The 9Q Mic Droppers

The 721K Knights of Reason

352X BxDebatesAllDay

The 721M Cityhawks Revolutionaries

The 752Q Great Debaters

The 226M Champs

The 37R Wolf Pack (HS)

The 37R Opinionators (MS)


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Trophy Pics!

High School edition…

Members of the 177Q Panthers High School Champions proudly show off their trophy.

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