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Student Reflections

The 721K Knights of Reason debaters shared their thoughts on debating this year.

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Shed Go Bye-Bye

A New York City driver crashed into this outdoor dining shed. Thankfully, no one was eating there at the time.

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Tie Score!

The 177Q Panthers debated the 373K Fire Debaters in a round 3 matchup. They debated whether school should start later. The Fire Debaters were pro and the Panthers were con.

And there was a tie score! 92 points for pro and 92 points for con. This has not happened in seven years, and never before for high school teams!

Congratulations to debate coaches Leor Samuels (177Q) and Todd Wilson (373K) on your wins!

Congratulations to the Fire Debaters and the Panthers on your wins!

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